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Condo and Home Owners Association Services Offered

Collect HOA Fees and Assessments​

As your partner, we are here to make sure you get everything coming to you as the owner of the property. We take care of making sure all fees and assessments are collected, ensuring all accounts receivables are current.

Create Annual Budget and Provide Monthly Accounting Reports

It is important to make sure you operate to a budget. To make sure you are operating in a positive position, we provide not only monthly accounting reports, but annual budgeting processes to give you an accurate report of what is happening throughout the year.

Complete Annual Grounds Inspection

While it is important your accounting is reviewed, it is also important to make sure your property is properly inspected. Our team will inspect the grounds annually to identify areas of improvement, deficiencies and opportunities to keep your property safe and looking great.

Coordinate Club House Rentals

Many residents may want to take advantage of additional facilities in your community. Our team has the ability to manage, collect and coordinate renting of auxiliary buildings, such as clubhouses or common areas for your residents. This ensures your residents have access to facilities and is always communicated and coordinated.

Maintain Association Documents

Part of a community association is making sure it is always up to date on documents and governing rules/regulations. Our team ensures that all documents and policies are not only up to date but readily available when needed.

Contract for Services

You can plan for things but you cannot plan for everything. Sometimes, things just break or need to be replaced. Whether it is a repair in a unit or improvement to the grounds, we offer a host of contracted services for you to get everything done with one trusted partner.

Attend Board Meetings

It can be difficult to relay information that happen in community association meetings. Our team acts on your behalf and attends all board meetings for your property to ensure that you trust that your trusted partner knows everything that is happening and is prepared to act in you best interests.

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If Paying HOA Fees by Check

If paying by check, please mail or drop off to Burgan Real Estate 5335 Market Street, Youngstown, OH 44512. Include your unit number in the memo line. Dues must be received by the 1st of each month. Owners will be assessed a $15.00 late fee if received after the 15th of each month

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Clubhouse Rentals

If your Community or Condo Association has a clubhouse to rent, please select the “Rental Date Request” option below. If you would like more information on renting the clubhouse within your community, please select the “Clubhouse Rental Agreement” option below.

Rental Date Request

If you wish to rent the clubhouse at your Community Association, click the button below to check date availability.